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Sea Bear - Project 1 - Holding Tank

Our first major update to Sea Bear - Installation of the marine toilet black water holding tank.

Now that the COVID-19 lock-down is coming to an end, we have ordered the new marine holding tank to ensure that Sea Bear is compliant with Holding Tank Regulations

On all boats built after 2000 with a fixed toilet, holding tank and possibility for collection from the deck are mandatory. This also applies to boats built after 1980 AND longer than 10.5 m AND wider than 2.8 m. Ban on emptying these tanks within 12 nm of the coast. For other boats ban on using sea toilets within 2 nm of the coast. Ban on emptying ALL toilets in marinas and harbours

The Project

We have ordered a Moody 336 holding tank from TekTank. This is due for delivery in the next couple of days. It's a strange feeling being excited about a toilet tank but this is our first update to our baby.

Having measured all the various lockers and spaces within the boat, There are a couple of locations that could be used for the holding tank. TekTanks make a specific tank for the Moody 33 that is designed to fit under the saloon seat. As this tank only holds 27 litres, we have opted to go for the Moody 336 tank that is installed within the wet locker behind the toilet.

To install the tank we will need to reroute the outlet pipe from the toilet to the seacock to the tank and install a further outlet from the tank to the seacock as well as a pump out and vent.

So, the project will involve some plumbing and a few holds to be drilled into the deck and hull. The deck fitting for the pump out is drilled through the deck whilst the vent we have opted for will be fitted through the hull as close to the deck as possible.

I've estimated that we're going to be looking at a day to position the tanks and fit the pipework, but as with most projects there will be some unknowns.

Once we have fitted the tank we will post an update to show the works involved. We're also in the process of setting up our YouTube channel that will provide videos of the works and other projects

Watch this space for the journey from "I need to go ashore" to "We have a usable toilet on the lake"

Minor Projects

A couple of other minor projects we have planned for this visit include getting the invertor up and running which should hopefully be the installation of a power lead to the batteries and once this is done, to ensure that we don't run the batteries dry, I'm also looking to install a battery monitor.

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