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Sea Bear - Our adventures begin

In October 2020 we bought Sea Bear, A Moody 33 Mk 2 design. We have some work to do.

The Moody 33, designed by Angus Primrose and built by Marine Projects Ltd., was first introduced in 1973. It was the first Moody design specifically aimed at mass production, rather than semi-custom designs, and rapidly became very popular.

We acquired Sea Bear in October 2020. She is currently moored on Lake Windermere and whilst being in reasonable condition, there is a list of items that need updating.

Our Moody 33 and ticket to adventure

Project List

Having spent a few weekends enjoying sailing Sea Bear as she is, we have also drafted a list of Jobs to be done. The list varies from function to cosmetic and practical changes and upgrades. These include: Marine Toilet Holding Tank - Given the laws with regards pumping toilet waste (or black water) overboard, we need to install a black water holding tank that captures the toilet waste to allow us to pump out the toilets at a dedicated waste station. Power Invertor - Whilst we have an invertor, it's not fully connected Battery Monitor - We have a house bank of domestic batteries, Wouldn't want to run out of power, so we're going to have to install a battery monitor. Hull Polish - Whilst the photo's look OK, there is a fair amount of much on the hull so with a shiny new polishing system, we'll get her clean and gleaming again. Dining Table - The current saloon layout has a very un-functional table. We will be looking at designs of tables and will endeavour to create the most practical dinning table to be install into the saloon. Re-configure Forward Cabin - Whilst the accommodation space is in reasonable repair, The Bulkhead to the forward cabin does have a little rot. We are going to pull that out and reconfigure the cabin to create a little more space in the cabin by taking some space from a locker. Sail Repair - The UV Strip on the roller furling system (rolls up the front sail) is a little worn and the stitching is coming un-done. So, some sail sewing will be in order. Wheel Leather - The battered and worn wheel leather is to be replaced Along with various other tidy-up and fix up duties, It looks like this year is going to be a busy one on Sea Bear.

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